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Initiatives of Australian universities to increase Indigenous student enrolment in and compl...

Initiatives of Australian universities to increase Indigenous student enrolment in and completion of science courses

A study has been undertaken to understand the initiatives presently in place at Science faculties of Australian universities to assist in the enrolment, retention and completion of Indigenous people within science courses, as a means of identifying current practices and exemplars. The project was commissioned by the University of Tasmania’s College of Sciences and Engineering […]

The latest issue of Australian University Science: Water Futures is out now

As an increasingly dry continent, Australia faces immense water challenges. Australian universities play a critical role in undertaking research and development to assist in the identification of water management problems, the achievement of water security, and the creation of innovative solutions. From catalysing new science to ‘pull’ water out of the air using smart fundamental […]

Performance in first year mathematics and science subjects in Australian universities: Does ...

The Australian Council of Deans Science (ACDS) commissioned the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) to undertake a study of the impact of year 12 mathematics on first year university science performance. To our knowledge it is the first such national study, albeit quite modest, that has been undertaken. The study looked at 16,436 first […]

ACDS National Research Forum 2019

The 2019 ACDS National Research Forum was held on September 24-25 at Macquarie University.  The Forum is an annual event fostering and supporting a national network of those with responsibilities for science research and graduate students in Australia’s universities. Speakers and links to presentations: ERA, Engagement and Impact Assessment: implications for Australian universities – Professor Sue […]

Leanna Read talks to the ACDS

Prof Leanna Read

Dr Leanna Read  gave an inspiring address to the July meeting of the ACDS Executive in Adelaide. Read below highlights of her thought provoking insights into university-industry research collaboration, options for PhD graduates and more, in this summary of her presentation. Dr Leanna Read, FAICD, FTSE Former Chief Scientist for South Australia, Chair and Managing […]

ACDS inaugural Fellowship awarded!

Congratulations to Tina Acuna and Jo-Anne Kelder for being awarded the inaugural ACDS Fellowship! Their project aims to develop a framework to embed scholarship in the cycle of quality improvement (yearly) and quality assurance (external benchmarking; at least 5 yearly) of qualifications, leading to evidence-based scholarly outputs and informs a collaborative approach to curriculum design […]

STEM Teaching Crisis

May 10th 2019 STEM Teaching Crisis A report released today by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) highlights ‘swelling secondary student numbers and a drought in mathematically qualified teachers’. The same statement could well be said of teachers qualified in physics and chemistry. This is a fundamental problem that undermines all of the strategies to […]



This year the ACDS Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 28 October – Tuesday 29 October at University House, ANU, Canberra. Registrations are now open! The Program for the AGM is now available and includes key speakers from Government, key science agencies and organisations, and organisations that facilitate impact and engagement. Download the […]

STEM enrolment patterns 2002 – 2015

  Enrolments at Australian universities increased 56% in 2002-2015, but only 32% in STEM due to a crash of 23% in IT numbers.   Taken separately the sciences and engineering appear to fare better than average, with growth of 67% and 73%. However, this better than average performance is due entirely to overseas student enrolments. […]

Deans study maths’ role in uni success

The Australian Australian Edition Publish Date: 23 May 2018 22:00 Section: HIGHEREDUCATION, p.27 As many as 12 universities across Australia will co-operate with a research project to determine how important high school mathematics study is for success in tertiary-level science courses. The University of Sydney has already decided to introduce maths prerequisites for certain courses […]